From Drupal to Wordpress

After all my exhaustive experience with Drupal since version 4, tonight was the first time I decided to jump into Wordpress. With so much knowledge built up over the years, Drupal wasn't as difficult for me to get up and running as some say it is. If you know which modules to use and how to integrate them, it's a breeze.

But recently I've been working on an open source project that has outgrown having a few random blog posts here on my site and requires it's own domain and website. After deploying a standard Drupal install, adding some modules, and making some tweaks, I got started putting content out there. After a couple of hickups with layout and media management, hands started getting slammed on the table the a dark devil whispered in my ear "What about Wordpress? You've always wanted to try it?" So I decided to cave and give it a shot.

After about 30 minutes of pouring over as much of the more advanced documentation on as I could find, I got started. For what I need for this newest project, a default deployment will be enough to get me going just to give me a place to throw documentation down, grow a web presence, and start earning some Google juice. Then over time I can learn to customize WP to the growing needs of the project. As a geek I have a strong tendency to get lost in the innards of the tech I use. But with this project I have to retain focus on the project work and not on the website giving it a home on the web.