1And1 Phone Harassment

I've been a 1And1 customer for many years. They've been reliable for my shared hosting needs. However, over the years as my needs grew to more dedicated solutions, I've been slowly moving away from them. For example, I now host my web, db, and other servers on VPSs with companies like SliceHost, Rackspace, and others. And for domain registration, I use a European registrar. This has less to do with 1and1's service than with wanting to protect my domains from abusive take down notices.

1And1 failing to take a hint

One thing they did recently is appaling and I'm getting sick of it. If you're a customer, you might end up on the wrong side of their phone harassment operation. Beware of this number: 1-888-874-8409. Numbers I don't know, I let go to voicemail. Instead of leaving me a VM, they kept calling me repeatedly over a period of weeks. Finally after I'd had enough, I took the call and was greeted to this unprofessional call:

Me: Hi
1And1 Rep: Is this Joe? <in a gruff voice>
Me: Who is this?
1And1 Rep: Bob from 1and1
Me: Don't ever call this number again.

He told me he'd take me off their call list and I hung up. Apparently he's unaware that the polite thing to do when calling a client from a business line is to first announce who you are, and not start off with "Joe?"

What gets me is that instead of leaving a VM, 1And1 chose instead to repeatedly call me for weeks. You'd think they'd eventually get the hint and give up OR leave a VM, or contact me via email to follow up.

Part of this is my fault for giving them my real phone number. This was done years ago. Nowadays I don't ever give companies my phone number, and am baffled by people who hand it out freely when checking out at a department store, for example. What possible legitimate reason would a department store have for calling you? And why do they need your number? You hand them money, they give you the sweater you want. It ends there. Even for store rewards programs there's no need for a phone call.

Alone, this isn't enough to leave the company, but combined with some other aspects of their business I'm not fond of, I'll be slowly moving my operations away from them completely. This includes hundreds of domain names and dozens of websites across a handful of different accounts. Shared hosting plans are bottom-of-the-barrel anyways, and I've outgrown them. Oh well. Thanks 1And1 for the 10+ years of service I've had with you.