CPAC 2007 - A Video From "The Nation"

I thought this video put together by a liberal journalist from The Nation covering the events of CPAC 2007 was amusing to say the least. For anyone that hasn't yet swallowed the coolaid of the Republican Party, view the video below. Whether you agree or not, it's fun to watch.

The same goes for when Protest Warrior does these things at Liberal demonstrations. What's funnier than a dread lock wearing cliche yammering into a camera about how great the world would be if we followed the Soviet model? Let's not forget the requisite cloud of marijuana smoke these guys always seem to be engulfed in. It scares me that someone like that can vote, never mind that his vote cancels out mine.

Note how the Tom Tancredo supporter covers up his Confederate Flag lapel pin. He doesn't want it to be seen on camera. There's nothing wrong with supporting to right to secede, just make sure you can give a 5 second answer to someone in front of a camera. I've seen the same thing every time I encounter the left at demonstrations. They'll put on their bandannas and refuse to show their faces.

A proud trio of Marxists at the "World Can't Wait" rally on November 2, 2005.

From Radley Balko